The theme for this year’s conference is “More than a Conference” and that “more” is all about our SIGs. Special Interest Groups are a great way to formalize the networking we do at CAUSE every year so we can keep the channels of communication open and the ideas flowing. With that in mind, UNC CAUSE governance is hoping to more concretely define these SIGs; our goal for this year’s event is to establish some official SIGs, find some leaders, develop plans for on-going communications, and hopefully see some regional or mid-year SIG-focused events.

To help us in this process we’re collecting feedback from our participants and other interested UNC CAUSE alum about the types of groups they would like to see developed into SIGs. There are some obvious ones, but we’re also hoping to collect some not-so-obvious ones. So please consider completing the survey below to let us know your ideas.

Thanks for you time!

SIG Survey