We’re here. The moment’s arrived. It’s time for CAUSE 2016, folks!

A few items worth mentioning as we kick things off…

  • Registration opens Wednesday at 10:00 am in the foyer (upper level) outside the Vendor room (South Main Hall). Enter via the entrance across the street from Embassy Suites.
  • The Opening Session begins at 1:30 pm in the North Main Hall. The Vendor Area will open at 12 noon on Wednesday.
  • As a reminder, the theme this year is More than a conference and we’re focused on connecting users with special interest groups (SIGs) that they’ll want to continue to be a part of all year long. Be sure to look through the SIGs on the schedule and find one or two you might like to be a part of!
  • Please remember to complete the feedback survey for the sessions and events you attend. You can do this via the online schedule. We appreciate your feedback!
  • Session slides (if available) will be posted in the online schedule. Remind your presenters to share!
  • We’re excited about our evening events and hope to see you there. We’ll be in the Vendor room in Benton Wednesday evening starting at 5:30pm for appetizers and drinks. And join us at 6pm Thursday night for More than a Thursday Night Social at the Millennium Center!
  • As an FYI, meals included with UNC CAUSE registration include: breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thursday, October 6; breakfast on Friday, October 7. Lunch and dinner are NOT provided on Wednesday, October 5.

For more information on parking at the Benton Convention, visit http://www.twincityquarter.com/assets/map-downtown-parking.pdf. If you have any questions, contact CAUSE Planning Team at 828-773-1952.

Thanks so much to our Vendors for their outstanding sponsorship; be sure to visit them while you’re here. We also need to thank all our speakers and presenters – we couldn’t do this without you!