We have thanked a lot of people this week but none are more deserving than the team of folks who helped bring you this event. All the CAUSE “staff” are volunteers who have other full-time jobs, so the success of this event represents lots of effort from lots of great people. Thank you so much to the whole team!

Mike Vysocka, Social Chair
Jason Maners, Program Chair and SIG Ambassador
Brian DeConinck, Program Team, Unconference
Stephen Swart, Proposal Review Team & Event Volunteer
Terri Cook, Proposal Review Team
Claudette Fuller, Proposal Review Team
Bill Gibson, Proposal Review Team
Lamar Battle, Proposal Review Team
Tom Dorgan, Proposal Review Team
Ginny Sconiers, Proposal Review Team & Event Volunteer
Cynthia Bowers, Proposal Review Team
Beverly Vagnerini, Proposal Review Team
Louise Flinn, Publications Chair
Martin Moore, Vendor Chair
Harry Nicholos, Vendor Chair
Wayne Fee, Vendor Chair
Brent Zimmer, Networking Chair
Brandon Moore, Networking Chair
David Dunn, Networking Team
Rick Crowe, Networking Team
T.C. Powers, Networking Team
Nick Pantelidis, Networking Team
Patrick Clark, Networking Team
Billy Long, Networking Team
Greg James, Networking Team
Susan West, Event Volunteer
Matthew Long, Event Volunteer
Leslie Dare, Event Volunteer
Josh Weaver, Co-chair
Jen McFarland, Co-chair